Do You Believe in These Common Car Accident Claim Myths?

Car accidents have been increasing yearly, resulting in thousands of injured victims and many fatal accidents. However, you can file a car accident claim to get financial compensation for your injuries and damages when you get into a car accident. But, eventually, many victims are left with lower or no compensation as they fall for insurance companies’ traps or get themselves trapped in the common car accident claim myths. Therefore, it is vital to know your rights before pursuing a car accident claim to obtain maximum compensation. You can click here to know more. 

Common myths people believe about car accident claims. 

  • You cannot file a car accident claim if you are at partial fault. 

Often the scene may be that both the drivers are at partial fault for the accident. Due to this, victims believe that they cannot file a claim. However, the partial fault law varies from one state to another. You can file a car accident claim in a few states even when you are at 80% fault for the accident. Similarly, in some states, you cannot get compensation if you are more than 50 or 51% fault for the accident. 

  • The insurance company works in your favor. 

The insurance company will appoint an insurance adjuster for your claim. This insurance adjuster will appear extremely friendly when speaking to you and make you believe they are working in your best interest. However, this is not the case. The insurance adjuster works to protect the best interest of the company and represent the insurance company. Therefore, they are trained to lower your settlement amount by finding loopholes in your claim. 

  • The initial settlement is the maximum you get

When the insurance company rolls out the first settlement offer, many victims rush to accept the settlement offer assuming that this is the only amount they can get and thinking that if they do not accept this offer, they will not get any compensation. However, the initial offer is lower in most cases. Do not rush to accept the offer unless you are entirely sure about the amount being sufficient for your past and future expenses. 

  • Hiring a lawyer will be expensive. 

Lawyers tend to have an expensive image as many charges on an hourly basis. Fortunately, when it comes to personal injury lawyers, they charge on a contingency basis, meaning you have to pay a certain amount from your compensation. Additionally, many lawyers will not charge you a single dollar unless they get you a successful compensation.

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