Road Trip Packing List

Planning a road trip with friends is the ultimate vacation. But what should you pack? Besides the basic necessities, you also need to pack items that are specific to your passengers. Check out this extensive packing list. You’ll find it useful! It will save you a lot of trouble. Just follow these tips to have an enjoyable road trip. Here are some items to include on your road trip packing list. You can also add some more items as per your preferences.

You’ll also need comfort clothing. Choose lightweight layers and pack your raincoat. You’ll thank yourself later. You’ll need sunglasses, too. A compact umbrella is great to tuck into your suitcase’s pocket, and waterproof parkas are great to have on your road trip packing list. Just remember to avoid bananas, though. If you’re going to a hot destination, a heavy jacket may not be the best option.

The road trip packing list should include items for camping, emergency equipment, and other necessities. The list also includes items for your car. If you’re going hiking in a National Park, pack different than if you’re heading to a beach. You should also prepare for any unforeseen weather conditions. You’ll be glad you prepared your car for whatever conditions you’ll encounter. And don’t forget to bring your camera!

A personal pillow can help you sleep in the car or at a hostel. A personal pillow is especially useful if you’re traveling with kids. Children can pass time by playing cards or completing puzzles. Remember to pack food items that give them energy, especially if they’re traveling for long hours. Don’t forget to pack a few snacks for the road trip. A good snack will make the time go by quicker.

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