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WeChats Social Media Audit With Storify

WeChat is one of the biggest Chinese social platforms and a growing opportunity for brands. However, it can be a challenge to use effectively without a strategy barder.

WeChat accounts typically have a lifespan of only 48 hours, which makes it vital to get your message out there quickly and make sure you are checking all the boxes for shareability or ‘wow’ factor. This means a strong content amplification plan that can be shared across multiple touchpoints is essential.

A WeChat audit with Storify can help you understand what type of content your audience is most engaged with and create a strategy that will drive engagement for your brand. We can also show you how to optimize your account for success and give you a full overview of all the channels you’re using jigaboo.

Audits should include all the different types of content you’re using and how well they’re performing. We can then show you how to get the most out of each channel by creating content that engages your audience and gets them to retweet, share and comment on your posts.

Audience Profile & Targeting

We can help you create a detailed audience profile for each of your campaigns and provide you with information about the demographics, language, and location of your audience. This will allow you to tailor your messaging and campaigns to the specific needs of your audience distresses.

You can even set up backend segmentation for your WeChat account to push personalized messaging to your audience based on their behaviour on the platform. This can help you reach your audience at the right time with the right messages, and can be used to boost brand loyalty and conversions.

Your audit will include your client’s overall metrics for each of their platforms, so you can compare how they are doing against previous months or years. It will also help you to identify any areas that could be improved. This is the perfect time to set 2-4 tactics for each platform that you can present to your client and use to help them achieve their goals precipitous.

Conducting a social media audit can take time, so it’s important to make sure you have meaningful data. This will ensure you can give your client the best possible insights and be able to point out improvements in their content and campaign.

Start your audit by going through your client’s entire internet footprint and listing all of their social accounts that are associated with their company or the name of their product. This will help you to identify any accounts that aren’t connected to their actual business and should be shut down as soon as possible mypba.

A good way to find these accounts is to run a search on your client’s name in Google or any other major search engine. Then, record all the results and put them in a spreadsheet. You can also check your clients social media dashboards for accounts that aren’t connected to their company, or that are a complete imposter.

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